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Private Investigations. Expert help when you need results.

Private Investigations. Expert help when you need results.

Private Investigations

OnyxSpear, LLC is a Private Investigations company with over four decades of experience in fraud investigations (S.I.U.), physical security and healthcare.

Investigations are tailored to meet our clients needs and reduce added expense. Consultations are free. Give us a call to learn more. OnyxSpear serves Western, Northern and Central New York regions. Trust us with your important and specific concerns. Contact us today for expert help when you need results.

If you are looking to hire a private investigator, look no further.

Community isn’t just a word, it’s a sense of duty.

Expert help when you need results.

Clients rely on our real world experience and investigative skill to deliver value based results. Positive outcomes are achievable without having to spend a fortune. Let us put our professional skills, insightful thinking and detailed case management to work for you. We are more than a private investigations service.

New York State Licensing Information

OnyxSpear, LLC has been duly licensed by New York State, Department of State, Division of Licensing Services to transact business as a Private Investigator. Unique ID Number: 11000222699. New York State Department of State, Division of Corporations, State Records and Uniform Commercial Code. DOS ID: 6236376.

You may visit to verify licensing credentials.

Since 1994, our founders have worked for large private corporations in the particular fields of:

  • Special Investigations
  • insurance fraud
  • arson investigations
  • larceny investigations
  • liability investiigations
  • background checks
  • forged instrument identification
  • surveillance and scene canvassing
  • interviewing and interrogation
  • locating witnesses, persons and property
  • data mining
  • legal document service
  • Healthcare
  • injury investigations
  • nursing and healthcare management
  • emergency medical services
  • Privatized Security
  • proactive/reactive facility defense planning
  • facility security assessments
  • event security

Our company applies the most up to date computer technology, forensic devices, information and data software, photographic, video and audio equipment to ensure comprehensive evidentiary collection and analysis.

Entrusting OnyxSpear with your important and unique concerns will produce noticeable results.

OnyxSpear prides itself on acting in the client’s best interests with integrity, honesty and stewardship. We believe that open and honest dialogue benefits everyone. Empowering the client is our number one priority.

Anyone needing investigative support can contact us for a “no cost consultation”. We are nonjudgmental and prepared to hear your truth and acknowledge your concerns. Dialogue offers us valuable insight and helps us establish case merits and deficits. Client participation is the key to setting realistic expectations.

Investigating is a passion of ours. Using our investigative skills, knowledge and experience to help others is what drives us. We believe that by integrating traditional investigation methods with new technologies and “outside the box” thinking, we can improve the likelihood of positive outcomes. Safeguarding our clients’ interests is our primary interest.

By consistently maintaining a forward-looking approach and quickly adapting to new challenges is what sets OnyxSpear apart from the pack. We are the best in class of private investigations and information & intelligence research.

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