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We focus on private and more specialized investigations

We focus on private and more specialized investigations

We Focus on Basic Private Investigations

OnyxSpear, LLC offers general private investigation services. Investigations of this nature are very common and widely requested by a variety people, businesses and municipalities. Listed below are links that cover general area’s of investigation’s we focus on.

We Focus on Specialized Investigations

OnyxSpear, LLC does offer specialized investigational solutions, which are very specific and not often needed by the general public. However, that does not mean that the general public is prevented from using them. Our firm is pleased to offer these solutions not only to businesses and municipal government entities, but to anyone who would benefit from them.

Cost and Pricing

We are straightforward and transparent with clients’ when discussing the cost of services to be provided. During the initial cost free consultation, we actively listen to the client’s needs. When our services are retained, a service agreement or contract is presented to the client for review and signature. The service agreement or contract identifies all costs and fees associated with the service to be provided.


Consultation helps us better understand the client’s issues, concerns and needs. Subsequently, the appropriate service is offered to the client for review and approval. Pricing, fees and costs are subjective. OnyxSpear, LLC does not maintain a set pricing, fees or costs schedule, as said monies are based on the nature of work requested, times required, research required, travel required, equipment required and other requirements foreseen and unforeseen.

Two Models of Pricing

Our pricing is based on two models or a combination of both models. The models are “Flat Fee” and “Hourly Billing”. Background checks are an example of the “Flat Fee” model, whereby a single fee is charged. An employee misconduct investigation is an example of the “Hourly Billing” model, whereby a client is charged by the hour for services. Services that typically take a few hours or less would likely be a “Flat Fee”. Services involving lengthy and/or more detailed investigation would be billed by the hour.

Searching the internet for “the cost of a private investigator?” or “how much do private investigators cost?” or “how much do private investigators charge?” will give you a variety of dollar amounts. Licensed Private Investigators operating in New York City can cost between $120/hour up to $200+/hour. Licensed Private Investigators operating in Northern New York, Central New York and Western New York can cost between $60/hour up to $100+/hour.

Cost is Dependent on the Service Needed

Private investigators are generally viewed as, or considered to be inexpensive to hire. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Many people are taken aback by the costs of hiring a private investigator. Private investigators work in a specialized field. Similarly, lawyers also work in a specialized field. Private investigators are often retained by lawyers. Generally speaking, lawyers are often viewed as, or considered to be expensive.

A good percentage of private investigators are former police detectives and former Special Investigations Unit (SIU) members, also known as insurance fraud investigators. New York State has strict rules and regulations that govern private investigators. This link takes you to the NYS, Department of State, Division of Licensing Services website. Here you can see the requirements needed to become a private investigator.


OnyxSpear is a community oriented company. Community is family. The well being of everyone in our community is important to us. As such, we will do everything in our power to reduce costs for our community family members. Expect nothing less than full transparency with straightforward talk and a strong work ethic.

Make OnyxSpear, LLC your preferred investigations service and specialized solutions provider!

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