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Guaranteed Service of Legal Documents To The Right People.

Guaranteed Service of Legal Documents to the right people

Guaranteed Service of Legal Documents To The Right People

Professional service of legal documents is an offering of our firm. Delivered in a timely manner to the intended party or parties. Service of legal documents includes but is not limited to writs, subpoenas, complaints and summonses. Additional documents can be divorce petitions, bankruptcy filings, freezing orders, and contact orders. As a New York State licensed private investigations firm we can engage in the “Service of Papers”. Otherwise known as a process server. OnyxSpear, LLC complies with the terms as stated under New York State Consolidated Laws, Civil Practice Law and Rules, Rule 2103, Service of Papers. The link below offers further insight on legal document service.

Delivering legal documents in NYS is called “Service of Process”. The NYS Unified Court System offers guidance, related to Service of Process, which states: “A party in the case can never serve legal papers, like a Summons and Complaint, a Notice of Petition and Petition, or a Motion, unless a Judge gives permission. A process server can be paid to serve the papers. Process servers are listed in the Yellow Pages or on the internet. Or, a friend, for example, can serve the papers, but, the person serving the papers must be 18 years old or older. A party in the case can go with the person serving the papers when they are served. In NYC, the person serving the papers is not allowed to serve more than five legal papers each year.”

“If legal papers are not served (delivered) the right way when a case is started, the Judge may make the party starting the case start all over again. This is called a dismissal without prejudice. There are three ways to deliver legal papers to start a case.”

“After papers are delivered to the other side, proof of this must be given to the court. This is done by Filing an Affidavit of Service”

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