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The Special Services, Research, Security Solutions Offered and More

Specialized Services

What are Special Services?

OnyxSpear, LLC offers special services tailored to the unique needs of clients who demand real solutions. They are very specific in nature and not frequently requested by the general public. The general public is invited and welcome to consultations that go beyond the scope of basic private investigations. Our firm offers expert special services and unparalleled solutions to businesses, municipal governments and to those in need of such services.

Special Services: Investigational Research

Data, Information and Intelligence special services are particularly beneficial for those seeking “more”. Essentially, this involves in-depth research and may encompass an assortment of subject matters or particular interests. Our access to privileged and publicly restricted databases is advantageous for harvesting certain data points. Furthermore, we possess the skills and software needed to effectuate internet data and information collection from the internet and its unindexed sub-realms.

Consultation Services: Risk Management and Detailed Event Security Planning

Consultations in risk management and detailed event security planning are specialized services we offer. Strategic and tactical details are critical elements of safety and security operations no matter the event. All relevant matters with plausible indicators of negative outcome incidents, are meticulously explored.

Prevention and mitigation solutions are customized for maximum adaptation and reaction. Threat profiles predicated on details specific to clients and their guests are formed. Consequently, enabling us to effectively plan for any contingency with rapid and decisive action. Our goal is providing cost effective solutions and access to personnel who are capable and well-qualified to protect you and your guests.

Specialized Service: Counter-Surveillance

Counter-Surveillance is an area of specialization that has recently gained momentum within society as a whole. However, what was once reserved solely for governmental applications, this technology is now available to the public. Consequently, our firm has noticed an uptick in public inquiries related to counter-surveillance operations along with associated costs. Women call with greater frequency for reasons involving former husbands and boyfriends. Allegations include engaging in illegal audio and/or video surveillance and stalking. Miniature tape recorders, video cameras and tracking devices top the list of concerns. Therefore, OnyxSpear offers an initial no cost consultation to help us better understand your concerns.

Specialized Services include:

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