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Background Check Fundamentals. Be Vigilant. Time to Empower Yourself.

Background Check Fundamentals. Be Vigilant. Time to Empower Yourself.

OnyxSpear Private Investigators Same day Background Checks

Attorneys, law firms, businesses and private citizens can benefit from a background check, as they provide a relatively accurate documented history related to an individual or an entity. Public and personal information related to an individual may include address verification, aliases used, criminal history and convictions, derogative social media posts, dual social security numbers, assets, and associated phone numbers. Now offering same day background checks!

Basic Background Check

Our company offers same day background checks! We can provide a client with information related to another individual’s background history. As a licensed private investigator, we access “restricted use” databases, utilize internet search engines and file freedom of information requests to legally obtain information, such as driving records, criminal history, address verification and other relevant data. Subsequently, we analyze the gathered data for accuracy and produce an investigative summary related to the individual’s background. Reports contain only verified and factual information. Derogatory information such as a prior criminal conviction, would be a “red flag”.

Red flags warrant further investigation. A basic check acts as a screening tool, helping to rule out conduct or behavior that may be detrimental to a client’s reputation, safety, security and finances.

In-depth Background Checks

In-depth background checks are more extensive, detailed and dive deeper. Consequently, a “red flag” found during a basic check, would warrant an in-depth background check. These checks involve relevant data collection and analysis of an individual’s historical online presence, across all publicly accessible social platforms, applications and the “deep web”.

We go the extra mile and attempt to speak with friends and associates of the individual. Subsequently, if an individual has made a positive or negative impact on a friend or associate, they may relay that information to our investigators. The nature of this service is exhaustive, delicate and highly detailed. OnyxSpear, LLC follows all federal and state laws with regard to the rights and expectations of privacy and confidentiality.


A recent survey taken in 2020, revealed that women are more likely to request a background check to verify that their romantic partner doesn’t have a criminal record. Moreover, it’s commonplace for parents to run background checks on nannies or babysitters prior to employment. Driving history records, criminal records, sex offender status and social media posts are important to parents who entrust the safety of their children with other persons. Background checks provide an additional level of safety, security and peace of mind for businesses and individuals.

Parents can now request same day background checks!!

Business Use

Businesses may legally check the background history of a potential candidate prior to employment. Existing employees may also be subject to periodic and random background checks. Therefore, it’s good business practice to inform candidates and/or existing employees that a background check will be done or may be done. Employers should provide a background check consent form to candidates seeking employment. Furthermore, it must clearly state what a background screen is and by signing the form they acknowledge the terms and give consent. Always maintain a digital copy as well as a paper copy of employee records. Redundancy is always a good thing. Be sure to safeguard all materials. Take advantage of same day background checks.

Do you want OnyxSpear, LLC to be your preferred vendor for background check services? You may call us directly at (585) 500-1558. Or, click the button below to reach our contact form.

Same Day Background Check Services

The general public is welcome to contact us for background check services. Typically, we can produce a report within in a few hours. Babysitters, nannies, contractors and any individuals who have access to your home, are valid candidates for a background check. Driving history, criminal history, prior financial issues and civil litigation actions are potential red flags. Advanced warning beforehand is better than finding out after damage has been done. Before you allow someone to care for your child or pay a contractor in advance for services, give us a call. It’s money well spent. We accept payments using Venmo!

Legitimate Reasons

Background check screening must be supported by legal and valid reasons. Private investigators in New York are prohibited from giving out personally identifiable information such as social security numbers and driver identification numbers. Running a license plate to obtain a name or address is an example of something we can’t do. If you have questions we can help. Contact us by phone or email and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Learn about our confidentiality, privacy and security policies and practices here:

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