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Avoid mistakes. You need a physical security consultation.

Avoid mistakes. You need a physical security consultation.

Avoid mistakes. You Need A Physical Security Assessment

Avoid mistakes

Home and business physical security consultations are designed to provide you with insight into the physical safety and security health protecting your assets. As our shared environment evolves, the protective measures that safeguard us must evolve as well. Avoid mistakes, contact us to discuss why and how a consultation will improve safety and security measures, thereby reducing liability exposures. OnyxSpear will work with you to create a new plan or upgrade and reinforce the existing one. Budgetary concerns are always considered.

Above all, safety and security pre-planning is significant for special events, homes and business. Upgrades can be simple and inexpensive or complex and costly. We have options available to fit any budget. However, the level of protection should always be superior to the threat level you and/or your home or business faces. OnyxSpear can assist you in meeting tomorrow’s physical safety and security challenges today.

Expert consultation

OnyxSpear has over 20-years of physical security experience. Safeguarding private companies, municipal entities and public residences. Accordingly, our company approach and methodology has reimagined what could be. Our real world experiences altered how we perceive today’s threat environment. We envision threat reality through diverse lenses. Consequently, OnyxSpear views asymmetrical solutions as a primary tool in confronting evolving threat variables.

The first step in safety and security matters is planning. Everyone starts their days with a plan. Plans are created by choice. To do “nothing” and to do “something” are both plan’s made by choice. Delayed planning is a choice and taking the first step is always difficult. For this reason, OnyxSpear is ready when you are to help you take that first step. After all, preventing and mitigating liability is everyone’s goal.

Enhancing and strengthening the physical security of your home or business can be an easy process, once you understand the specific threats capable of exploiting vulnerabilities relative to your assets. Additionally, these consultations help protect the people who are most important to you. Cost is not a factor when the safety of others is at stake.

*We are not an alarm system installer or an alarm monitoring company. We do not provide watch-guard services.*

There is no fee for the initial discussion.

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