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Need Results? Expert Investigative Help In Criminal And Civil Matters

Need results? Expert investigative help in criminal and civil matters starts here!

Expert Investigative Help

Need results? We offer expert investigative help in criminal and civil matters. In short, our investigative results can be invaluable during litigation. The ability to conduct criminal and civil investigations is an earned privilege. Private investigators can legally gather information and evidence by conducting interviews, collecting data, collecting evidence and conducting investigations. While any person can do the same things, a professional investigator license offers greater credibility and reliability during testimony.

Licensed Professionals

Licensed private investigators are held to higher standards and expectations versus the average person. A private investigator follows strict regulations. Additionally, an investigator must have relevant professional experience, with no criminal history. Investigators must clear an FBI background check. Subsequently, they must pass a detailed and long state exam that tests their knowledge on business law procedures, rules, regulations and tort (civil) law and criminal law.

Criminal Investigations Experts

OnyxSpear offers criminal investigation services to defendants facing criminal charges. Our experience in criminal investigations spans nearly three decades, involving special investigation unit (fraud) service and private sector physical security and enforcement. As a result, we are especially skilled in reviewing and understanding accusatory instruments, NYS penal code, physical evidence analysis, statement analysis, witness interviews, data analysis, cell phone records analysis, timeline analysis, police report analysis, chain of custody procedural review, criminal procedural review, surveillance footage analysis, scene canvassing and additional exculpatory evidence collection and review.

Partnering with Defense Counsel

Our firm can operate seamlessly with any defense counsel representing you in court. Consequently, helping to increase the probability of a positive legal outcome through our investigative efforts. As a defendant you want the expertise of a professional and highly skilled special investigations firm acting on your behalf.

Civil Investigations Experts

Investigative actions involving civil matters may involve contracts, property, family relations and acts or omissions resulting in personal injury and or physical damages. Even so, there are instances where the involved parties are able to reach an amicable settlement without litigation or third-party help. Conversely, some matters require litigation. The plaintiff is the party that brings the lawsuit and alleges damages to their property and or injury to their person. The defendant is the alleged wrongdoer, responsible for the damages.

Civil litigation requires submission of proofs and evidence. This may include witnesses, physical evidence, video-graphic or photographic evidence, itemized damages, police reports, medical reports, cell phone or computer records and any other relevant case materials. Our firm is seasoned in civil litigation investigations. Moreover, we are practiced when offering testimony in support of investigative documentation. Due diligence is a non-negotiable principle in our pursuit of evidence, witnesses, statements and additional proofs relevant to litigation.

Litigation Support

Our Information & Intelligence Research Service offers added benefits in litigation proceedings. Accordingly, we are able to augment litigation matters by reviewing supporting documents with impartiality. Furthermore, our legal experience includes testimony preparation, document preparation, statement and document analysis, evidence and chain of custody analysis, strategy preparation and fact checking capabilities. 

Likewise, our proficiency is unparalleled when conducting interviews and interrogations, reviewing compliance to chain of custody, law enforcement procedural review and official reports examination. OnyxSpear compiles all investigative findings into a comprehensive summary with insightful analysis and intelligent summation.

Above all, should you be the claimant or the defendant, partnering with OnyxSpear to conduct investigations involving criminal and civil matters is prudent and advantageous. Legal counsel can expect seamless case integration and meaningful investigative results.

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