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Do You Need To Find Lost Property Or People? Contact Us Now

Do You Need To Find Lost Property Or People?

Do You Need To Find Lost Property Or People? 

Missing Property

When property is stolen or goes missing, you should contact the police immediately and file a police report. However, through no fault of their own, locating missing or stolen property does not rank high on the list of things to do for many police agencies. Their case loads and staffing resources affect their priorities. An event of this nature is typically non-violent and does not meet the criteria of a major crime. OnyxSpear, LLC has decades of experience in locating stolen or missing property. Let us help you.

Missing Persons

OnyxSpear, LLC offers assistance in missing persons cases. We can work in parallel with law enforcement, by adding our manpower and investigative skills to the search efforts. Furthermore, state laws may unintentionally prevent law enforcement from taking immediate action. Listed below is New York State’s Executive Law regarding missing adults. Laws can be confusing, partly due to grammar structure and legal terminology. In New York, an adult person is free to come and go as they please. They do not have to reveal their whereabouts to anyone, including family. All the police can do is take the information and electronically file it. Law enforcement is not obligated to search for the missing adult, unless that adult meets specific criteria (highlighted in yellow below) as stated in the law.

Our firm can act quickly on your behalf. Consequently, we can provide prompt assistance in attempting to locate a person believed to be missing. The reporting party has the right to employ the services of a private investigator to help locate a missing person.

A family member, close friend, colleague or a loved one who has gone missing or has seemingly disappeared, is one of the most traumatic events a person or family can experience. Law enforcement should always be notified first.

New York State Law

Refer to the New York Consolidated Laws, Executive Law – EXC § 837-f-2. Missing adults. Here is the link.

“In the event that a police agency receives a report that an adult person is missing from his or her normal and ordinary place of residence and whose whereabouts cannot be determined by an individual whose relationship with such adult person would place such individual in a position to have knowledge of his or her whereabouts, and that such missing adult person has a proven disability, or may be in physical danger, or is missing after a catastrophe, or may have disappeared involuntarily, or is missing under circumstances where there is a reasonable concern for his or her safety;  and such missing adult person does not qualify as either a missing child or a vulnerable adult, the police agency shall collect information necessary to file an electronic report regarding the missing adult person with the national crime information center register and submit such electronic report to the national crime information center register”.

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