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Life And Professional Experiences Of The Managing Members

Professional Experience's of the Managing Member's. John Lueck, Chief Investigator, OnyxSpear, LLC

John Lueck

Managing Member, Chief Investigator

Life Experiences

Life and professional experiences are equal parts needed in building and shaping a persons character and work ethic.

John is a lifelong resident of Rochester, New York and attended college at St. John Fisher University, earning a degree in Political Science. During his collegiate tenure, John was a member of the Tae Kwon Do team and served as its President and Team Captain from 1992-1993. In the spring of 1993, he competed in the NYS Collegiate Games and took home a silver medal in full contact sparring. John served his community as a member of “Police and Citizens Together Against Crime (PAC-TAC) in 1991 and as a volunteer firefighter from 1991 through 1996.

John has over 30 years of combined experience relative to special investigations and physical security. These decades of learning and involvement allowed John to develop a unique investigative philosophy and methodology. His professional certifications, licenses, hands on experience and accomplishments are proof of his dedication to and training in the field of investigations. As the Chief Investigator and a managing member of OnyxSpear, LLC he is committed to helping those who need it the most, by reimagining investigative thought processes and methodologies with integrity.

Professional Experiences

In 1994, he started his career in the claims department for a major insurer. In 1996, he was hired by a larger insurance company and became a N.Y.S. licensed independent adjuster for Automobile Damage and Theft Appraisal. Additionally, he earned ancillary corporate certifications in theft, arson and bodily injury. John’s work ethic and ability to recognize crucial issues, resulted in a promotion into the special investigations unit.

Investigative Experiences

John’s tenure in the special investigations unit provided him with the opportunity to work in conjunction with the N.Y.S. Police Auto Theft Unit, N.Y.S. Insurance Frauds Bureau, Rochester Police Auto Theft Unit and other police organizations throughout New York. During this time, he assisted with investigations involving “one percenter” motorcycle groups and other criminal organizations.

These years of investigative service gave him a greater understanding of criminal operations and penal law. Additionally, John pursued further education to enhance his knowledge in criminal and civil matters. He attended classes offered by the John E. Reid School. As a result, in 2002 he earned a certificate in “Interviewing and Interrogation.” In 2004, John attended a university level course offered by The American Educational Institution and received certification as a “Legal Principles Claims Specialist” (LPCS).

Physical Security Experiences

His investigative passion aligns with his commitment to the safety, security and protection of others. Consequently, in 2013 he became a licensed New York State armed security professional. For over a decade, he provided armed security services to public and private housing, commercial and government buildings. In the performance of his physical security duties, he gained a greater understanding of and knowledge related to facility security management and advanced facility protection techniques. Furthermore, he earned certificates in Workplace Violence and Prevention and, Essentials of Security Risk Assessments from the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

John subsequently finished his physical security career by serving as the Western New York operations manager for a private security company. He oversaw security operations involving four municipal government buildings, two public housing buildings and two private housing buildings. Over 50 armed and unarmed officers along with their managers reported to him directly. As the Western New York operations manager, John managed client billing, employee hours, client concerns and disciplinary issues. Moreover, John promoted company growth through trust, resulting in new business. Over the course of his managerial tenure, he was called on to assist other managers experiencing issues with staffing and client relations.

Professional Experience's of the Managing Member's. Kelly Lueck, Medical Advisor

Kelly Lueck

Managing Member, Medical Advisor

Professional Experience’s

Kelly is a life long resident of Rochester, N.Y. as well. She attended the Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing and graduated in 2006, as a Licensed Practical Nurse. As a managing member of OnyxSpear, LLC Kelly offers valuable insights on all investigative matters.

Career Start

In 2007, Kelly joined a large healthcare system in Rochester. As a result of her natural leadership abilities, she transitioned from nursing into management within the same healthcare system.

Professional Medical Experience

Kelly is an experienced medical professional. In her role as a managing member, she brings over 17-years of healthcare experience to our company. Professional skills include medical documentation analysis, bodily injury assessments, clinical trials oversight, medical facility management, HIPAA regulations and medical best practices. She continues to maintain a N.Y.S. professional license as a practical nurse and a N.Y.S. license as a security professional. She holds certifications in basic life support (BLS), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) operation through the American Heart Association.

As a managing member of OnyxSpear, LLC she places great significance on case management, due diligence and investigative accuracy. On a yearly basis, she attends various human resources courses on public health and safety, conflict de-escalation, active shooter awareness and planning, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), unconscious bias awareness, affirmative action, equal employment opportunity (EEO), anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies.

Adaptation and Reimagining

OnyxSpear, LLC was formed and designed to operate as an innovative model, incorporating modern technology and research techniques with traditional investigative methods. 

This specialized firm has reconsidered how data and evidence are collected, aggregated, analyzed and summarized into actionable intelligence. Striving to exceed expectations and surpass goals by combining modern technology with prescient and novel human guided research and superior analysis. Consequently, our Special Investigations Service and Information & Intelligence Research Firm will provide efficient case management and critically thoughtful results. Our managing members dedication, experience and commitment will ensure client satisfaction.

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