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Everyone’s a Detective. Right? Unique And Expert Insight.

Everyone's a Detective. Right? Unique And Expert Insight.

Everyone’s a Detective. Right? Unique And Expert Insight.

Welcome to our unique and expert insight rap sheet. Honestly, it’s just a regular, average post page. It’s dedicated to the “detective” in every one of us because, Everyone’s a Detective. Right?

Basic Legal Stuff

Let’s go over the basics. All posts are based on the authors (me) opinion. Thankfully I am not a lawyer, but I do have to mention that fact for legal reasons. Technically, the word “mention” infers that I spoke, when in fact I typed it out. Consequently, this website and the contents of said website, are not legal advice and should not be interpreted as such. Remember, you have the right to an attorney and are advised to exercise that right.

Who cares about my Unique and Expert Insight?

The idea behind this section of our site is solely my fault. I hold the view that everyone should spend time reading everyday. No. Sorry, that’s a LIE!!. The reason for posting opinion articles, is to lift the veil of mystique that covers the valiant pursuit of private investigations. What is real versus what is believed. For example and generally speaking, people believe that my hourly rate is $XX.xx. In reality my rate is $XXX.xx. Imagine their shock! Reality is shocking. Reality is also insane, scary, crazy, absurd, unbelievable, disgusting, funny, sad and everything else under the Sun. There is nothing I haven’t seen. There’s no story that I haven’t heard ten times already. I hear the lie before it leaves a person’s mouth.

Everyone’s a detective. Opinion’s of an Investigator.

Opinion articles will cover a variety of subjects. Hopefully, knowledge is passed along that offers a deeper understanding of the private investigator mindset. Our perception of all things is viewed through unique lenses. We analyze every word spoken, speech patterns, vocal variations and make interpretations based on word usage and placement. My wife married me with full knowledge. I ran her background before the first date. Yeah, I did. Subsequently, I did tell her and we married three years later.

2024 Upcoming Posts: Important Reminder: Our email address will be at the bottom of every posted opinion article. Feel free to send an email with comments or questions. Use our contact form to start a conversation with me. Please don’t behave like a “perp” and say stupid things to break my chops. It doesn’t phase me. We’re all adults. PS: I do capitalize certain words here and there, with full knowledge that it may not be grammatically proper. Capitalizing one word over another could be characteristic of a visual pattern with subliminal intention.

June 15th: Lies or Anxiety? The bottom line on the Polygraph. Sorry for the delay. Had the extended version of COVID. Still recovering.

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